What is a face or neck lift?

As we age, the architecture of the face changes. Not only do wrinkles develop, but the entire structure of the face becomes altered. During a facelift, excess skin is removed and the muscles and supporting structures of the face are placed back into their more youthful position. Most patients look ten to twenty years younger, and lose the tired or angry facial appearance that sometimes accompanies aging.

Often a facelift is combined with another procedure such as browlift (elevation of the eyebrows to their correct position), blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) and necklift. The procedure is done in our own office, and most patients take about one week to recover. Preoperative discussion between you and your surgeon will help clarify whether you are a candidate for facelift and what other procedures may add to the final result.

What to expect:

Our surgeons will make an individualized plan to best treat your face. The placement of the incisions may vary, but usually are hidden around the ears or into the hairline. Through the incisions, we tighten the muscles and soft tissues of the face. The skin will then be re-draped and excess skin removed for a more youthful look. If the neck needs to be tightened there will also be a small incision under the chin and muscles are tightened to create a more defined contour. The incisions are then closed with fine sutures and bandages will be applied for support and protection.


You usually go home the same day. Your face may feel tight after surgery and will loosen over time. Sleep with your head elevated to better promote the healing process. Visible swelling and bruising usually subside within one or two weeks but complete swelling may take longer to completely resolve. No exercise for about 1-2 weeks and no heavy lifting. Depending on your profession, you may return to work within 1 week. While the results from face and neck lift surgery are long lasting, the aging process will continue normally. Face lifts are often combined with other facial procedures, such as a brow or eyelid lifts or laser resurfacing, to rejuvenate the entire face. Patients may also choose to incorporate ongoing treatments of fillers or skin care regimen to help preserve the results of their surgery for longer.

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