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What is a breast reduction?

Many women suffer today because of the excess weight and size of their breasts. A breast reduction (also known as reduction mammoplasty) is performed to relieve the symptoms associated with large breasts, but while also achieving a breast size proportional to your body. The procedure includes removing excess skin and breast tissue along with lifting the breast. If insurance does not approve this procedure because you do not meet the symptomatic criteria, then we can do the procedure in our cosmetic outpatient surgery center.

What to expect

For most women, breast reduction incisions can be very similar to breast lifts, where the incision encircles the nipple, extends down to the breast fold and across the fold. During surgery, excess breast tissue and skin are removed and the remaining tissue is lifted and tightened. The majority of the time, the nipple is kept connected to breast tissue to preserve sensation and lift the nipple. The size of the nipple is usually reduced to the average size and for symmetry.


You usually go home the same day or possibly stay overnight in the hospital if monitoring is needed. You can expect to feel sore and tired at first but most people start to feel much better even after just a few days. Although your breasts will appear larger and higher immediately after surgery, some of this is due to postoperative swelling. We will provide you with a supportive bra that will worn for several weeks to aid in comfort, minimize swelling, and promote healing. The final results take 6 weeks to 3 months as your breasts settle. No heavy lifting more than 10 lbs for about 2 weeks, and no heavy upper arm exercises for 6-8 weeks. Scars will eventually fade over the next few months to a fine white scar. Many of our patients find that their breasts have returned to a more youthful appearance and finally have neck or back pain relief that was caused by the strain of large breasts. You should be back to normal by 4-6 weeks.

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